Verein zur Förderung krebskranker Kinder Halle (Saale) e.V.


We appreciate your feedback.


  • Karl Lukka Schwartz (26.04.2023 13:32 )

    Berlin-Reise der Stärken-Gruppe

    Hallo, ich war mit anderen Jugendlichen auf der Berlin-Reise der Stärken-Gruppe des Kinderplaneten Halle Saale. Wir haben alle sehr viel Spaß gehabt. Ich war noch nie in einem Dungeon. Es war Klasse. Sollte ihr auch mal probieren. Besonders schön war auch, dass Sylvia und Daniela mitgefahren sind. Vielen Dank und bis zum nächsten Mal Lukka
  • Karl Lukka Schwartz (15.05.2022 11:04 )


    Hallo, gestern hat es mir wieder sehr gut gefallen! Wieder mal eine tolle Idee die ihr hattet. Mal sehen wie lange unsere Kunst zu sehen ist. Bis zum nächsten Mal Lukka
  • Familie Schwartz (26.03.2022 09:27 )


    Liebes Team vom Kinderplaneten, wir möchten uns als Eltern herzlichst bedanken für das gestrige Geschwistertreffen! Unser Kind war begeistert Er hat uns den ganzen Abend berichtet, wie toll er sein T-Shirt gestaltet hat. Nochmals ganz lieben Dank und ein schönes Wochenende Familie Schwartz
  • Familie Schwartz (26.03.2022 09:27 )


    Liebes Team vom Kinderplaneten, wir möchten uns als Eltern herzlichst bedanken für das gestrige Geschwistertreffen! Unser Kind war begeistert Er hat uns den ganzen Abend berichtet, wie toll er sein T-Shirt gestaltet hat. Nochmals ganz lieben Dank und ein schönes Wochenende Familie Schwartz
  • Tobias Roocks (22.11.2021 16:30 )

    "The little tree"

    Look how beautiful, the many colorful flowers bloom here,

    there stands a "little tree", in the dark rich meadow green.

    It feels the first warm rays of the sun,

    the many colorful feathered fowl, happily bask in the grass.

    Around the little tree a colorful strong sea of flowers,

    it seems as if it were his most beautiful day today!

    Far above, the birds are singing from near and far,

    They bring a message from the holy lord.

    The little birds are chirping something in the "little tree's" ear,

    it sounds very sad and without humor!

    Rest, peace as well as the love you give to all of us,

    you are our most wonderful "little tree" - in eternity, loved by ALL of us.

    gez. T.R.

  • Rikkart (11.10.2021 09:48 )


    Good day, yesterday was once again a siblings meeting.

    We were at the Maya Mare. It was just great! All the children got along very well. This time there were even more children. Also the care was just great! I'm already looking forward to the next time and I'm excited to see what we do. Thanks again very much Rikkart

  • Lukka (11.10.2021 09:47 )

    Gruppe Stärken Stärken

    Hello, I wanted to thank you again.

    I really enjoyed the Strengths-Strengths group again.

    We are really a great group.

    I am looking forward to the next time. Lukka

  • Rikkart (05.07.2021 09:56 )


    Hello, it's me Rikkart.

    I had a lot of fun at the siblings meeting today. I also made new friends.

    I am already looking forward to the next time. Many thanks to Nicole and Lisa.


  • Jonathan (01.06.2021 09:03 )

    Thank You

    Hello dear team from Kinderplanet,

    Our therapy is still far from over, but we still want to say THANK YOU for the open ear, tips, advice and the beautiful play moments that you spend with my son.


  • Nadine Haak (26.05.2021 13:53 )


    Dear team of the Kinderplaneten, I and my foolish Hettstedt carnival family congratulate you to the 30th association anniversary and thank you for the excellent work. We will continue to support you with all our strength, wishing you good health, strength and strong but sensitive nerves. Keep it up - stay the way you are - because that's the only way you are perfect. Still briefly mentioned, the new website has become very beautiful 👌! Have a nice day today 🍾 see you soon. Love from Hettstedt Nadine

  • Christian Teutscher (21.05.2021 15:56 )

    Eine schöne Seite ist es geworden 😊

    Dear, Planetarier,

    you have a wonderful new website.

    Many greetings from us!

    Christian and family 💙

  • Rebarz (21.05.2021 15:55 )


    Hello dear ones we hope you are all well us so far yes we would just like to say thank you again for everything you are super and keep up the good work.

    Greetings family Rebarz

  • Schwartz family (04.01.2020 09:46 )

    Great event at Cinemaxx

    Dear Planetarians, on 23.12.2019 a cinema event was organized by you for the second time with the support of Christian Olpe and his wife.

    It was very nice and the children were very enthusiastic. I also thought it was great that a market manager from Edeka was on site, who wonderfully organized the wish tree action as every year.

    We say thank you to all helpers and a healthy year 2020.

  • Annalotta Sturm and Family (14.10.2018 15:51 )

    really great cinema

    Thanks to your organization and Mr. Oppe`s funding (Sportpark Halle) we came to enjoy

    "smallfoot" incl. Nachos,Popcorn and Co.

    THANK YOU say: Annalotta, Leonard, Leopold and the Verwachsenen;-)

  • Familie F. (25.08.2018 16:33 )

    THANK YOU!!!

    On the occasion of our child's diagnosis date, the thank you note today has a much more emotional value. As my husband always says, if it weren't for the Children's Planet, hospital stays would be very dreary indeed without a playroom, craft activities, encouraging words, and most importantly, distractions. We can't thank you enough for your support!!!!

  • Your summer party 2018 (25.08.2018 16:33 )

    Your summer party 2018

    Dear team from the Children's Planet,

    as now every year I visit your summer festival.

    Also this year it was a very successful event. The program was just great! I was especially impressed by the Andersch tomorrow of the many volunteers. Keep up the good work. Good luck!

  • Ulrike (28.12.2017 06:36 )

    Visit to the cinema on 21.12.2017

    Dear team from Kinderplaneten, we would like to thank you once again for the great cinema experience. It was wonderful as always and we enjoyed it very much!

    Have a good start into the year 2018!

    Rikkart, Lukka, Mikka, Ulrike and Michael

  • Paul Tietze (12.07.2017 15:56 )

    A wonderful day at Maya Mare

    Hello dear planetarians,

    we would like to thank you again very much for the great day at Maya Mare today. It was a lot of fun for Paula and she told us enthusiastically about the experiences. Many, many thanks that you always organize such great offers for the children.

    Kind regards from Paula, Herbert and Anne

  • Georg an admirer of the club (08.07.2017 20:35 )

    Summer party at the market

    Dear association for the promotion of children with cancer,

    I have, as a loyal guest, again visited your summer festival.It was great that it took place again this year. As always, I am deeply impressed by what you put together.

    The program was great and touched me very much.

    I wish you all the success for your work and will continue to support you.

    You are simply to admire Georg

  • Micha, Mikka, Luka & Rikkart (08.07.2017 20:28 )

    Summer party 2017


    we Mikka, Lukka, Rikkart and Micha also want to thank you again in this way for the great summer festival. Our children especially liked that they could participate as helpers. The program was again simply super. The raffle was of course a must!

    You are great and a thousand thanks to Mikka, Lukka, Rikkart and Micha.

  • Annalotta and Family (05.10.2016 09:09 )


    We thank you very much for the 4 days vacation in the Heidelberg Forest Pirate Camp. After the extremely energy-sapping 1.5 years, this family vacation gave us new energy, optimism and ideas for the future. It was wonderful for us parents and especially for our 3 kids.


  • Melanie Peter (18.02.2015 13:34 )

    I want to thank you for the wonderful time with you guys, You guys are just great...

    I am still not completely healthy but so far I'm great and I have great news for you I became a mother my little son came on 29.10.2014 ...He is healthy and lively..His name is Dean....

    We come to visit you in any case....

    Sincerely Melanie...

  • Enrico (25.01.2013 23:22 )

    Thank you, for the positive feedback and look forward to visiting your house again. Both of us (Miki and me) also enjoyed the day. Creativity of all the figures presented, the relaxed atmosphere. Amazing times with small things much to achieve. Thank you for having fun with us :-)

    Write again, should you wish.

    MFG Enrico from the D.R.e.V.

  • Michael Seifarth (19.12.2012 19:20 )

    Dear children, Dear employees,

    with the help of our small donation we hope to make a small contribution that Christmas will be a merry and contemplative celebration for you. We wish all children a speedy recovery and a healthy, happy and content future.

    We also wish all the best to the dear people who take care of "our" sick sparrows

    Petra Krause and Michael Seifarth

  • Mikka (03.11.2012 21:47 )

    Many, many thanks for the great Friday. We had special fun riding horses and driving tractors. The people there were all very very nice.


  • Claus-Peter Nebelung (08.10.2012 21:40 )

    We, the musicians of the Staatskapelle Halle, wish that the benefit concert on 14.10.2012 will be a great success!!!

    Toi Toi!

  • Lukka, Rikkart & Micha (23.10.2011 12:46 )

    Thank you very, very much for the great cinema visit. Herewith a heart's desire of Lukka came true. Little brother Rikkart also enjoyed it very much.

    Please thank also in our name, the people who made this wonderful experience possible.

    Lukka, Rikkart and Micha

  • Jacob & Kollegen GmbH Steuerberatung (10.08.2011 16:13 )

    Congratulations on the successful relaunch

    Congratulations on the successful relaunch of your homepage. It looks great and you can immediately find your way around.

    Thank you very much for your important work. We will continue to support you.

    Many greetings from the team of Jacob & Kollegen GmbH

  • Repromedia Leipzig GmbH (02.05.2011 13:46 )

    The employees of Repromedia Leipzig GmbH congratulate the Association for the Promotion of Children with Cancer Halle (Saale) e.V. on its 20th anniversary and wish all employees and children many more pleasant and enjoyable days at Villa Kinderplanet.