Verein zur Förderung krebskranker Kinder Halle (Saale) e.V.
Verein zur Förderung krebskranker Kinder Halle (Saale) e.V.

Youth aftercare group "Strengthening strengths“

As an aftercare service, the association offers group therapy to former patients between the ages of 7 and 18.

After the long treatment period in the hospital, worries and fears often burden the young people concerned. Each of them has his or her own way of coping with this. In the group, they learn to look at their strengths and how they can make good use of them. They experience that they are not alone with their feelings and thoughts.

In addition to the discussion rounds, they cook together, play games or do something nice together. This creates a "strong" community with new friendships.

The current two groups (Kids & Teens) meet every 6 weeks on Fridays and Saturdays.

Would you like to join us? Then just give us a call, we are looking forward to it!


Sylvia Schmieder

Daniela Kay