Verein zur Förderung krebskranker Kinder Halle (Saale) e.V.
Verein zur Förderung krebskranker Kinder Halle (Saale) e.V.

Family Kranz


we are family Kranz from Ilsenburg. In July 2017 our life changed abruptly.

Our then 4-year-old daughter Mette was diagnosed with leukemia.

We were sent directly to Halle the very evening after receiving the results of the blood test from our family doctor. At first we didn't know what was going to happen to us. Everything went bang on the spot and it was like a horror movie for us. Our little ideal world collapsed like a house of cards within a few seconds. The first night in the university hospital was frightening for us, although everyone took care of us lovingly.

What now, what will happen next, will Mette make it, what will we do with our then 7-year-old daughter Emma, how long will we have to stay here, what will become of the house, will we be able to manage everything physically and also financially, what will become of our work and school. All these questions were buzzing around in our heads. But the worst was the fear for the life of our own child and the helplessness.

The next morning we learned for the first time about the Children's Planet, which to our great joy was only a few meters away from the University Hospital.

The next day we got to know a part of the team of the Children's Planet (at first very cautiously on our part), because one retreats into one's little ideal world of protection and still hopes that everything will be alright again quickly. However, this illusion was quickly taken away from us, because we quickly learned that Mette was classified as HR and would therefore also need SCT. The doctors prepared us for a long and difficult road. The University Hospital Halle and the Kinderplanet became our 2nd home. I can't even count how many times we were finally allowed to go home after the HR blocks and then had to go back to the clinic in the evening/night with fever or bruises.

The teams of the Kinderplanet and the clinic always stood by us in all the hard times. In the first days we decided that my wife would take care of Mette and I would go to work and stay at home with Emma for school.

But how do we cope with this difficult situation, our home 120 km away from the clinic, driving every day, the travel costs, what about in an emergency situation? we asked ourselves again and again. That's when Kinderplanet came into play again. We had various social talks at the Kinderplanet and on the wards of the clinic, and fortunately for us, we also heard about the Kinderplanet's offer of overnight accommodations in the clubhouse (a great villa). That was our salvation and we gratefully accepted the offer, because how else can you financially support the countless overnight stays of your partner and siblings in the long run!

We felt and feel very comfortable, secure and understood in the Kinderplaneten. The five rooms are very nice and tastefully decorated. You can even cook for yourself in the large kitchen and thus provide for yourself. Because of the proximity to the clinic, you can also get there very quickly (e.g. in emergency situations). In the mornings, we always had a short status talk with the girls from Kinderplaneten J before we went back to the clinic, mainly for me. In the evenings, we usually met other parents and siblings at the Kinderplaneten, with whom we could exchange ideas or have a good cry. On weekends, we often sat together with other parents on the beautiful outdoor terrace and the children, if you were allowed out of the clinic, played on the spacious outdoor area with full euphoria. This always gave us new strength for the coming week in the clinic. During the weekdays, the girls of the Kinderplaneten often took over the care of Emma (during the vacations and during SZT). This was an enormous relief for us parents, because we could fully concentrate on our tasks in the clinic. This was especially helpful during the difficult and long phase of the SZT. Because even necessary room reservations at short notice were always somehow realized by the Kinderplaneten team. Thank you for that!!!

Mette and especially Emma still rave about the first-class and professional care provided by the Kinderplaneten team. She is especially fond of the music and play room. But she also found the countless creative activities/ideas, such as pottery in our own workshop and making her own pillows, extremely interesting (Mette still uses Emma's pillow today J). The bond between the team and our children (and also us parents) became closer and closer. So we got through the difficult years together. Yes, one can

that we and the Kinderplaneten team have grown together into a small family.

We thank the Kinderplaneten team for everything and congratulate them on their anniversary.

Please keep up the good work, because you are a bright and shining planet in the partly very dark universe around the topic of "serious" diseases.

Norman Kranz and family