Verein zur Förderung krebskranker Kinder Halle (Saale) e.V.
Verein zur Förderung krebskranker Kinder Halle (Saale) e.V.

Project funding State of Saxony-Anhalt

Also in 2024, the Saxony-Anhalt State Administration Office supports our association by means of a project grant. The association receives a grant of 47% for the financing of the position of the qualified rehabilitation psychologist and the position of the social pedagogue and specialist for siblings. Due to the funding of personnel positions by the state of Saxony-Anhalt, the psychosocial possibilities of the association can be offered without restrictions. Thus, the family-therapeutic offer accompanies families on their way through the disease into normality and into everyday life after cancer. At the social counseling, families also find support in social-legal questions. In addition, relieving conversations or relaxation offers take place at any time. For the siblings of the children with cancer, our social pedagogue offers monthly meetings or free time. One of the main approaches in the work with siblings of seriously ill children is to express negative or often ambivalent feelings and to give them the right to do so. The meetings are mainly offered in groups, so that the siblings can exchange and talk intensively with each other.

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