Verein zur Förderung krebskranker Kinder Halle (Saale) e.V.
Verein zur Förderung krebskranker Kinder Halle (Saale) e.V.

Psychosocial family counseling

The time during the acute therapy phase is very stressful for the entire family. Each family member has his or her own worries and insecurities; regardless of whether it is the patient child or the healthy sibling, whether it is the parents, grandparents or friends, everyone tries to cope well with the difficult time. But often it is good to know and feel that one is not alone with fears, grief and difficulties, that conversations and joint activity help to alleviate worries. 

The entire family can make use of psychosocial counseling; either in individual conversations or with the entire family. The direct social environment of the family, such as teachers, educators or friends can also make use of this offer.

In psychosocial counseling, the association accompanies families on their way back to normality and everyday life after cancer, because impairments can still occur years after therapy. Possible family issues can be:

  • Behavioral problems of the sick children or siblings.
  • Educational issues
  • Reintegration into school or daycare center
  • Dealing with fears, insecurities and exhaustion
  • Conflicts within the family, in the partnership, in the sibling relationship or in the relationship with other family members
  • Personal (re)orientation after the illness
  • Dealing with late effects
  • Palliative care
  • Bereavement support


Sylvia Schmieder