Verein zur Förderung krebskranker Kinder Halle (Saale) e.V.
Verein zur Förderung krebskranker Kinder Halle (Saale) e.V.

Grief counseling

When a child dies, a world collapses for the relatives. Nothing is the way it was. In this difficult time of mourning and sometimes hopelessness, we remain the contact person and try to accompany the families and support them where they need us. In individual conversations we want to give them attention, be there for them in compassion and help them to find their own way of coping with grief and to regain strength and confidence in the course of time.

Thus, we invite parents to meetings several times a year and once a year there is a weekend trip with the orphaned families to a particularly beautiful area. Thus the hope remains that in the course of time new possibilities for the orphaned parents can develop from the love for the child.


Gabriele Arndt

Sylvia Schmieder